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What to Know About TikTok Skincare Trends

//What to Know About TikTok Skincare Trends

What to Know About TikTok Skincare Trends

This past year, many skincare trends popped up on the popular social media app, TikTok. However, just because these skincare trends went viral, it doesn’t always mean that they are safe and effective options. Read on to learn more about these trends and which ones are actually options that you should add to your skincare routine. 


Earlier this year, videos about “slugging” or applying purified petroleum-based products such as Vaseline® on the face overnight went viral on TikTok. This skincare trend gets its name from the “slug-like” sheen that is left on your skin. The main ingredient in products used for slugging is petrolatum, which is non-comedogenic. This means that these products will not clog pores and can be a great option for soothing dry skin. A fun historical note here is that nightly Vaseline was the beauty secret of many of the original movie stars. Slugging can help people with irritated or dry skin receive an extra boost of hydration helping to achieve smoother, softer-feeling skin. Moisturizing ingredients work in different ways. Slugging is an example of a moisturizer forming a robust yet gentle barrier that helps your own skin to hold its hydration within the skin layers and not lose it to evaporation (TEWL, or trans-epidermal water loss). But use this technique with caution if you are someone with acne-prone or oily skin, as it may not work for you. 

Hydrocolloid Bandages

Hydrocolloid bandages, or pimple patches, have grown in popularity over the past year. These patches create a protective barrier over pimples to help reduce bacterial contamination and create a moist environment to promote healing. Overall, these patches can be a great option for reducing inflammation and flattening spots quickly. Interestingly, these are tiny versions of fabulous specialized wound-healing technology that originated in hospitals called DuoDERM®, which later translated to drugstore waterproof bandages.

Calamine Lotion for Acne

Calamine lotion does not treat the underlying cause of acne, and cannot prevent new breakouts from occurring, but it may be helpful in some situations. Using calamine lotion as a spot treatment is the most effective application, as it has drying properties and can help to dry out pimples quickly. Other acne-treating methods such as benzoyl peroxide are often a more effective option. Just drying pimples out usually does not make much difference in their true lifespan, but benzoyl peroxide happens to also kill the bacteria that contribute to acne, so using BP in one area of the face may prevent future pimples there.

Pore Vacuums

You may have seen videos of people using “pore vacuums” or devices that are meant to suck dirt and oil out of the skin. However, this device is not recommended by dermatologists, as it can cause damage to the skin and does not prevent acne.  It can also exacerbate skincare issues such as rosacea and active acne. More gentle methods of temporarily removing sebum from pores such as salicylic acid cleansers or lotions or gentle mechanical strips are less traumatic.

Skin Cycling

The term skin cycling was coined by Dr. Krant’s former trainee, friend, and colleague. This concept includes rotating exfoliants and retinoids to help include many different skin products during the week without getting too irritated by overuse. Skin cycling is meant to be an option for those with sensitive skin that does not tolerate the use of nightly retinol. There are pros and cons to this method, and it is useful for some. There are also other methods that may be helpful in increasing retinoid tolerability that Dr. Krant loves to discuss with her patients.

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