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PicoSure: FOCUS™

PicoSure Focus at Art of Dermatology

PicoSure: FOCUS™ Lens Array for PicoSure is the latest generation in fractional laser skin resurfacing. The PicoSure: FOCUS™ offers a safe and effective treatment which is typically fast, with less discomfort and a shorter duration of redness than other resurfacing treatments

How does PicoSure: FOCUS™ work?

focus1PicoSure: FOCUS™ is like a “laser facial” and is a fractionated laser rejuvention similar to Fraxel, but more gentle and with less downtime. It expands picosecond technology beyond tattoo removal for skin treatments unlike any other. PicoSure: FOCUS™ laser facial rejuvenation dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and skin discoloration. Skin texture is improved while being safe for all skin types.

PicoSure Focus Before and after

Who is a candidate for PicoSure: FOCUS™?

Both relatively healthy Men and Women are candidates for PicoSure: FOCUS™. Call Dr. Krant to schedule an appointment today.