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Restylane® Lyft

Restylane Lyft in New York City

Formerly known as Perlane-L®, Restylane® Lyft is an injectable filler for nonsurgical cheek augmentation and improving midface wrinkles like nasolabial folds for women and men over 21.

What is Restylane® Lyft?

Restylane® Lyft is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel used to correct facial volume loss and diminish the appearance of wrinkles in the midface area. The result is a smoother and more youthful overall appearance.

Before & After 2 Years

Restylane Lyft Before & After

How does Restylane® Lyft work?

As we age, our natural facial volume begins to diminish, resulting in the appearance of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, and a “sunken in” look. Restylane® Lyft works by injecting additional hyaluronic acid into the target area, creating a plumping effect by binding to and retaining moisture within the skin. The result is a natural-looking boost of facial volume and a more youthful appearance.

Am I a candidate for Restylane® Lyft?

Anyone wanting a fuller or smoother face may be a perfect candidate for Restylane® Lyft. If you would like more information about how you can achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated look, contact Dr. Jessica Krant at Art of Dermatology, located in Manhattan.