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The Best Skin Procedures for Winter

The Best Skin Procedures for Winter

As people across the country bundle up and show off less of their skin under coats, sweaters, and scarves, those interested in looking their best in every season turn to board-certified dermatologists like Dr. Jessica Krant to ensure they endure and make the most of the dry, cold months that switch up many people’s skin care routines.

With guidance from Dr. Krant, you can be sure to find a winter skin care procedure plan that works for you and your skin. Let’s discover what’s right for you!

Chemical Peels

One of the main benefits of having medical skin care treatments performed during the winter is the decreased risk of exposing sensitive treated areas to UV radiation. This is what makes having a chemical peel at this time of year so advantageous, because part of the recovery from this custom exfoliation and collagen creation treatment requires avoiding sun exposure. Enjoy the benefits of chemically removing dull, dead skin cells and revealing fresh skin just below the surface with reduced risk of developing side effects like sunburn or pigmentation due to sun exposure.

Light and Laser Treatments

Laser facial rejuvenation treatments are great to do in cooler, less sunny months. It is pretty well known that pigmentation issues are highly sensitive to sunlight after receiving treatment, which can result in reoccurrence. But what is less well known is that it’s safer to do these procedures when the skin is not tan and has as little excess pigment from the sun as possible. Procedures that help to improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation like melasma or sunspots also work well in cooler weather because it turns out that they can be triggered not only by ultraviolet radiation but also by heat. With cooler air around, it’s easier to avoid this issue. Dr. Krant may recommend the Fraxel Dual or Fraxel Restore laser, the Clear and Brilliant laser, IPL treatments,  the Ruby Laser, or a combination of these  for pigmentation and general rejuvenation that can freshen your look and trigger new collagen formation to turn the clock back.

Vascular Lesion Removal

Broken blood vessels, cherry angiomas, spider angiomas, facial veins, red spots on the face and body, and other vascular lesions can often be troubling. Dr. Krant has various lasers including the pulse dye laser or VBeam, KTP and Nd:YAG lasers in the Excel V, and other techniques such as hyfrecation at her disposal to pick the appropriate, safe, and effective treatment that can help remove  these unsightly blemishes.

Personal Skin Procedure Consultation

Finally, many people benefit from a one-on-one examination and personalized treatment plan in the winter to set a schedule for multiple procedures to correct skin care issues and rejuvenate their appearance. Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Jessica Krant is happy to meet with you to discuss your skin care concerns, goals, and current routine and recommend science-proven products and services to help you love the skin you’re in. To learn more about your personalized skin rejuvenation plan or to find out if you could benefit from any of these procedures, ideally performed during the winter, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jessica Krant by phone or online today.

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