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Rosacea: How Diet Plays a Role

Diet plays a role in the development of many different diseases. For instance, heart disease can be caused by eating a diet high in trans fats, whereas type 2 diabetes can develop due to a diet high in sugar. Interest in the role of diet in certain dermatologic conditions, such as acne and rosacea, has [...]

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Why Using Sunscreen in the Winter is Important

Packing away your wardrobe from the warmer months is probably a good idea, but sunscreen is one item from your summer must-haves that should be staying throughout the winter. For most, sunscreen is something that disappears when the weather becomes cool. Keep reading to better understand how it works and why you need it in [...]

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Cosmetic Scar Treatment

Scar tissue is the result of the body’s normal healing process, but scars can be cosmetic concerns for both men and women. The good news is that several nonsurgical treatment options offered by dermatologists can significantly improve or even eliminate the appearance of scars. In order to know which cosmetic treatment option is best for [...]

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How to Treat Hormonal Acne

What is Hormonal Acne? While you are going through puberty, acne will usually appear in the T-zone (which includes your forehead, nose, and chin.) As you age, that hormonal acne will migrate and start to form on the lower part of your face, near the bottom of your cheeks, around the mouth and along [...]

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Different Types of Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is used to remove the dead and damaged upper skin layers in order to smooth and refine the skin’s texture. When performed by a skilled professional, a chemical peel can safely reduce wrinkles and correct skin tone. But which chemical peel is right for you? Illuminize Peel® The Illuminize Peel® [...]

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What Is the Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type?

Currently, face masks are all the rage. This is definitely a good thing considering how well they work when you are using the appropriate one for your skin type. It is important to choose masks that will nourish your skin, rather than dehydrate and irritate it, so carefully read the intended purpose of the mask [...]

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High Antioxidant Foods to Add to Your Diet to Improve Your Skin

For most, obtaining healthy, glowing skin is an ongoing campaign. Antioxidants can be extremely helpful because they speed up the skin's natural repair systems and directly inhibit further damage from oxidizing molecules. What are oxidants and antioxidants? Free radicals are atoms or molecules that contain at least one unpaired electron. They oxidize cellular [...]

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How to Treat Spider Veins

Spider veins earn their name from the twisting and turning of small red, blue, or purple veins under the surface of the skin which resemble a spider web. Spider veins are a common cosmetic concern for both men and women, affecting up to 50% of the adult population. A spider vein forms as the result [...]

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5 Skincare Tips to Add to Your Nighttime Routine for Healthier Skin

While it is fairly common knowledge that you should never let your head hit your pillow at night before washing your face, it is far less obvious what’s involved in effective cleansing. An evening skincare routine is a healthy habit to establish. It can be a daunting task having to begin research on what is [...]

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Why Low Humidity Levels In the Air Dry Out Your Skin

Moisture within the skin maintains the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Frequent bathing and the use of harsh soaps can aggravate dry skin and some might struggle with ongoing dry skin problems, as the natural state of their skin. Wintertime, however, creates quite the challenging environment. As the outdoor temperatures drop, the cold air cannot physically [...]

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