Skin care is very important to your appearance and beautiful and healthy skin can be easily obtained and maintained with the many methods available. Skin Cancer screening is crucial to healthy skin. Dr. Krant provides Cancer screening including full body skin exams.

Products and techniques are available to prevent and manage dry skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Acne can be treated and scarring can be improved, aging skin with wrinkles and hollowed areas can be returned to a more natural and youthful appearance with injectable dermal fillers. Recontouring of the lips can be achieved and under eye hollows can also be improved.

Contact board-certified dermatologist Jessica Krant at her upper east side office for the best possible techniques to improve your skin with restoration to a more youthful, beautiful appearance.

Dr. Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH sees patients for Skin cancer screening and acne related medical treatments.

Skin Cancer

What is Skin Cancer? There are three main types of skin cancer:

  • Basal cell carcinoma is most commonly characterized by a pearly translucent bump or red patch.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma most commonly presents as a crusted or scaly patch or bump that is red.
  • Malignant melanoma presents as an irregularly shaped dark

Skin cancer is mostly caused by genetic factors and excessive ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure.

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What is Melanoma? A melanoma is a malignant tumor of the melanocytes, pigment producing cells. Melanocytes are primarily located in the skin but a melanoma can occur in other areas of the body due to the fact that melanocytes are also located in other regions such as the oral cavity, eye and bowel…

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Understanding Acne Acne can be an embarrassing and difficult condition to manage. Millions of teenagers as well as grown men and women alike suffer from acne problems. In addition to being unsightly and even physically uncomfortable, there are certain types of acne that can lead to…

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