Irregular blood vessel formations or angiomas are common vascular abnormalities that can be addressed with specialized laser treatment. The most commonly affected areas are the neck, face, chest and lower extremities including the feet, ankles or legs.

The Cutera Excel Laser effectively and safely treats small to medium unwanted vessels of the face or legs. The device’s technology allows for independent control of fluency, pulse duration and repetition rates enabling the treatment parameters to be tailored to a patient’s needs for maximum safety and effectiveness.

If you have unsightly veins and would like to restore the pleasing appearance of these areas, contact Dr. Jessica Krant, board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon for a consultation. Dr. Krant utilizes the most technologically advanced and cutting-edge methods.

The Vascular Laser Procedure

Laser light penetrates the outer layers of skin reaching the blood vessels below. Targeted blood vessels soak up all of the energy in the beam and are destroyed by the brief but intense heat. The body removes the damaged tissue naturally and the resulting bruise fades normally.

The Vascular Laser produces two sensations at the same time, a “snapping rubber band” sensation and “cool wet spray” sensation. No anesthesia is required and the procedure only takes 15 minutes. Some patients, especially patients with rosacea, will experience a mild sunburn sensation but this is temporary. The average number of treatments needed to achieve optimal results is one to three sessions.

Before & After the Vascular Laser

What should I expect?

Generally no anesthesia is required but there is some discomfort. Some bruising and swelling may occur after IPL or PDL treatment, and small scabs and swelling may arise after copper bromide laser treatment.

Some people take a couple of days off work, but most people don’t think the unsightliness is too bad. It is quite safe to apply makeup to disguise the bruising or scabbing, if any occurs. Any down-time is generally worth it since the results are mostly excellent.

Vascular Laser Recovery

Recovery after a Vascular Laser treatment will depend on the area being treated. Dr. Krant will discuss this with you during your consultation. Some patients with rosacea can be treated with minimal recovery. Other patients will be advised that there will be bruising for one week. Make-up can be applied after this laser treatment. Patients will also be advised to avoid sun exposure during the recovery period.