Vbeam® is a revolutionary gold standard pulsed-dye laser designed for the treatment of vascular, pigmented and certain non-pigmented lesions without damaging the surface of the skin being the most effective laser treatment of rosacea and facial blood vessels.

The VBeam® Laser Procedure

The VBeam® laser delivers an intense but gentle burst of light into selectively target areas of the skin being absorbed by specific blood vessels or melanin pigmented areas in the dermis. The hand piece pushes vascular fluids out of the way, enabling the laser to precisely target pigmentation without impacting underlying blood vessels, thus offering precision results and greater comfort for patients during treatment.

Dr. Krant will ensure your conform during the treatment. Protective eye-wear will be provided during the treatment for both yourself and Dr. Krant. Each treatment will be calibrated and set based on the specific condition being treated by Dr. Krant. Each individual’s unique results will be seen following treatment.

What can the VBeam® Treat

The VBeam® treats the following types of skin imperfections:

Acne Scars
Broken Blood Vessels
Facial & Spider Veins
Leg Veins
Pigmented Lesions
Scar Treatment
Striae (Stretch Marks)
Vascular Lesions
and more…

What should I expect?

Dr. Krant may use anesthetics, though it may not be required. During the treatment, there may be a warming or tingling sensation experienced. The area being treated is protected by Candela’s dynamic cooling method which delivers a cooling mist onto the skin before the laser pulse is emitted. This increases comfort during the treatments along with protecting the skin to minimize redness.

VBeam® Results & Recovery

The results of the VBeam® laser can be permanent depending on factors like the condition of the skin being treated, or the lifestyle of the patient.

Most patients will notice beneficial results immediately after the treatment. Patients, a lot of the time, will notice a firming or tightening of the treated area. The results of VBeam® will vary depending on the condition that is being treated and the number of treatments required. Discuss your goals and expectations of the treatment with Dr. Krant during your consultation.

Am I a candidate for VBeam®?

If you have a need or desire to improve the condition of your skin, you are a candidate. Factors such as the age, color and type of lesions, as well as the location on the body, all determine whether lesions can be removed. Dr. Krant will discuss all options and possible results with you at your consultation.

Contact Dr. Jessica Krant, board-certified dermatologist, for a consultation at her Manhattan office. Allow Dr. Krant to examine the areas you would like improved and provide the best possible treatment with VBeam® resulting in skin rejuvenation and a more youthful appearance.